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Dabi LED Figure (Crematorium) - My Hero Academia™

Dabi LED Figure (Crematorium) - My Hero Academia™

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LED figure of Dabi, a.k.a. Todoroki Toya super villain from the famous anime My Hero Academia™.

  • anime : My Hero Academia
  • Character: Todoroki Toya
  • Size: 20cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: True to the anime
  • .

Dabi, also known as Blue Flame, sometimes called by his French name Crematorium, is a villain who was part of the Super-Villain Alliance and was the leader of Genesis Squadron. He and the rest of his team are the main antagonists of the Summer Camp Arc. He is an antagonist of the Hero Pro Arc. After the Celebration of Renewal, the Super Villains Alliance and the Superpower Liberation Army merge to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, and he becomes one of the 9 Officers, as commander of the Vanguard: Violet Guerrilla Regiment, along with Apocrypha.

You have more of an anti-hero soul and feel naughty, your goal is to see the Villains destroy All Might and the super Heroes, so get your own Toya Todoroki aka Dabi statuette and turn your room into a dark Shonen universe.

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Customer Reviews

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Rob Anderson
Quality Matters

Really love the quality. These Led figures are my favorite. They are good decorations for any room.

Andrew Ether
Check this out !!!!!!

My Led Dabi figure just got delivered, Look how cool it is.

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