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Beyblade Black Sword Launcher - Beyblade™

Beyblade Black Sword Launcher - Beyblade™

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Black Beyblade Sword Thrower from the anime Beyblade™

Pitching information:

  • Type: Sword-style launcher
  • Compatibility: Uonly with Beyblade Burst spinners
  • Size: 10cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 25g

If you're going to embark on a Beyblade spinning top adventure, then you're going to need a Beyblade launcher worth its salt! Launching is the most important phase in a blader duel, with this one you'll have a black sword launcher. This type of launcher allows you to give the spinner a blazing speed! Take advantage of the rack to let loose without risking breaking your launcher. Make a move that all string launcher owners will envy!

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