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Baggy Figure - One Piece™

Baggy Figure - One Piece™

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Figure of Baggy, also known asthe Baggy the Clownor the Thousand-Coin Clown, he is the captain of The Clown Crew ofthe famous anime One Piece™.

  • anime: One Piece
  • Character: Baggy the Clown
  • Size: 17cm
  • Figure: Top of the line and durable
  • Design:Faithful to the anime

Baggy, debuted as Monkey D. Luffy's antagonist, but later allied with him to be freed from Impel Down. He was the main antagonist in the Baggy the Clown arc, and has since become a very recurring character.

You too want to become one of the greatest pirates, so get the Baggy figure and turn your room into a real Shonen universe.

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I absolutely love this figure.

its amazing

It is amazing and incredible

Best product i have ever seen on this site

Great Quality!!!!

Really cool

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