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Summary of Your Lie in April:

At 11 years old, Kôsei Arima is already a piano virtuoso. Trained with the utmost severity by a mother who inflicts endless rehearsal sessions on him, he tirelessly scours all the national competitions, where his talent dazzles the judges. But the day his mother dies of a long illness, he completely loses the ability to play his instrument: victim of a psychological block, the young boy no longer hears the sound of the piano when he tries to play it...
A few years later, his path crosses that of Kaori, a violinist whose approach to music is totally different from his own. While Kôsei is a real machine who knows how to render scores perfectly, Kaori prefers to appropriate the works and reinterpret them in her own way... The meeting with this young girl with an explosive character will upset Kôsei's certainties and give a new meaning to his life!

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