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Reiner Braun Action Figure - Attack on Titan™

Reiner Braun Action Figure - Attack on Titan™

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Figure Reiner Braun the Mahr Warrior in possession of the battleship titan in the anime Attack on Titan - Shinkegi No Kyojin™.

  • Anime : Attack on Titan
  • Character : Reiner Braun
  • Size : 18 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Reiner Braun is the vice captain of the Warriors of the Mahr Empire. He is the illegitimate son of an Eldian, Karina Braun, and a Mahr.

After a long and miserable childhood in the camp of Revelio, his application to become one of the Warriors of the Mahr Empire was accepted, and at the age of 10, he inherited the power of the Dreadnought Titan. In the year 845, he infiltrated Paradise Island with Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart and Marcel Galliard, as part of a large-scale operation to take over the Original Titan.

In order to keep a close eye on Eren Jäger, who was suspected of possessing the Original Titan, he joined the Exploration Battalion after having obtained the 2nd place in the 104th Training Brigade.

Become a warrior of the Mahr army and get one of the 9 primordial titans by owning your own Reiner figure and turn your room into a real Shonen universe.

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