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Pagan "6 Paths" Figure - Naruto Shippuden™

Pagan "6 Paths" Figure - Naruto Shippuden™

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Action figure of Pain, one of the most powerful ninjas in the world and the charismatic leader of the Akatsuki, a major organization in Naruto Shippuden™.

  • anime : Naruto Shippuden
  • Character : Pain
  • Size: 41 cm
  • Quality : High quality and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

⛩The Pain Rikudo are six distinct powers that Nagato used through bodies that he controlled at a distance with the help of chakra receptors. These six bodies were therefore extensions of Nagato and each possessed one of the powers of the Rinnegan. Tobi created his own version of the Six Bodies of Pain after retrieving Nagato's Rinnegan from his grave.

The pagan avatar named Tendô created from Yahiko is the most powerful, indeed with his abilities to attract or repel anything he gave a hard time to all the ninjas of Konoha, including Naruto.

Become one of the most powerful ninjas in the world and turn the shinobi world upside down with the Akatsuki by owning your own Pain figure and transform your room into a shonen universe.

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