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Figure Kaido Dragon GK - One Piece™

Figure Kaido Dragon GK - One Piece™

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Figure of Kaido in Dragon form, one of the 4 emperors/yonko from the famous anime One Piece™.

  • anime: One Piece
  • Character: Hundred Beast Kaido in Dragon form in Onigashima
  • Size : 21cm
  • Figure: H top of the line and durable
  • Design : True to the anime

The Uo Uo no Mi, Seiryu model,"Fish Fruit, Azure Dragon model"), is a Demon Fruit of the Mythical Zoan type. It allows the user to transform into an Azure Dragon. This Fruit was eaten by Kaido, after Big Mom gave it to him years before the story.

Being the strongest in the world isn't necessarily the best of things. After multiple attempts to find an opponent of his own size and experience pain, Kaido captain of the Hundred Beast Crew is unquestionably the strongest character in One Piece with his demon fruit the Uo Uo no Mi allowing him to transform into a dragon.

So take part in One Piece's biggest war and ttransform your room into a Shonen universe by adding a member of Wano Kuni.

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Very nice and amazing product i have never seen one like this

This Kaido figure is amazing

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